7th International Cartoon Competition of the arts and cultural centre (KUK e.V.)


7th International Cartoon Competition  of the arts and cultural centre (KUK e.V.) in cooperation with the newspaper publisher Zeitungsverlag Aachen and the local government of Aachen district (StädteRegion Aachen)

„Money must be funny“ 

A golden key can open every door. That’s an old and wellknown saying. And it’s still and even more applicable now, in an era of online commerce, stock market crashs and bail-out packages for financially staggering states. But why does it apply? And where does all this lead to? Are beyond the obligatory flatscreen TV, the polished limousine and the whirlpool-including teakwood terrace things like love, attention, fame, power, the job of dreams or eventually even the planned child buyable? And if so: How far would a middlebrow go to come by the required cents? 

The correspondent non-profit organisation which sponsors the arts and cultural centre KuK in Monschau calls – in cooperation with the newspaper publisher Zeitungsverlag Aachen and the local government of Aachen district StädteRegion (SR) Aachen – on creatives from the field of comic art to sketch or draw their individual perception of money and it’s influence on society and find their answeres to questions like the mentioned. Wanted are funny cartoons, sharp caricatures, critical drawings with a „worthwhile“ reference… 

All professional and amateur cartoonists of full age are welcome to participate in this international contest. 

·        Maximum 5 works 
·        original drawings or signed prints, no copies please 
·        black-and-white or coloured 
·        format: DIN A4 to DIN A3 (unframed, no passe-partout) 
·        year of composition: 2010 to 2013 
Please declare the artist's full name on the back of each work, if applicable including the creator’s artistic pseudonym plus title of the work. 
Please enclose the completed entry form, a photograph or portrait caricature (electronic submissions at least 800 pixel/800 kB, .jpg format) and a brief CV (max. 280 characters) for the catalogue. If available, print data of the entries are welcome for the catalogue as well. 

The jury will make selections for the exhibition and catalogue, and award the prizes from the pool of submissions. The jury includes among others Prof. Bernd Mathieu (Editor-in-Chief of both daily newspapers in Aachen), Martin Sonntag (Caricatura Kassel), and Dr. Nina Mika-Helfmeier (KuK project manager and head of the office for cultural activities of SR Aachen). 

The exhibition in KuK (Austraße 9, Monschau) will be opened by a vernissage including the awards’ ceremony on Saturday, 25st of May 2013, 4 pm. It will show the work during the common opening hours until Sunday, 30th of June 2013. 
Up to 2 x 45 works plus extensions will be shown in total. 

As in every year, the KuK e.V. will publish a catalogue in collaboration with the newspaper publisher Zeitungsverlag Aachen. Artists included will each receive one copy. 


1st Place 2500 EUR 
2nd Place 2000 EUR 
3rd Place 1000 EUR 
4th-6th Places 500 EUR each 

All prize-winning work becomes the property of the Kuk e.V. In addition, the organisation retains the right to keep one submission from each participant whose work is exhibited. These drawings will be auctioned at the end of the year. The proceeds will be used to support cultural projects in schools within the county. Participants are requested to identify which of the submitted drawings the organisation may keep. 

Return policy: 
All work that does not become property of the Kuk e.V. will be returned at the organisation’s 
expense. The returns will be prepared and carried out with appropriate care. 

Submission deadline:
Friday, 10th of May 2013; please notice that all works must be on hand on this date, no matter what the post-mark says. 
Entry forms available at: 

StädteRegion Aachen - A 16 office of cultural affairs and empirical research 
Mrs. Dr. Nina Mika-Helfmeier 
Zollernstraße 20, 52070 Aachen, Germany 
Telephone         +49.241.5198-2664 
Fax #                 +49.241.5198-2664 
eMail                 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

With the kindest support of: Zeitungsverlag Aachen (newspaper publisher), KuK der SR Aachen, StädteRegion Aachen, Sparkasse Bank Aachen 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Yours sincerely
Karin Handrich

StädteRegion Aachen
A 16 Amt für Kultur und Empirische Forschung
Raum F 403, Zollernstraße 20, 52070 Aachen
Tel.: +49(241)51982663
Fax: +49(241)519882663
Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

More information and form: CLICK HERE






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