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=13 June 2024 =

The International Cartoon Festival, Ferizaj 2024 – Edition X-Kosovo 2024



-food production and consumption in 2025?



the food we can eat will reflect the technological ,environmental and social changes taking place today

changes in the way food is produced and consumed will require adaplation and cultural acceptance, but they offer grat opportunities to address future food security, sustainability and public health



-Each applicant can send up to 5 works (per each topic), in black and white or in color

-Size 210×297 mm, min. resolution 300 dpi, and JPG format

-subject: Name, Surname, Country and topic



Topic 1

1. Golden HiTHi (plaque and 300 €)

2. Silver HiTHI (plaque and 200 €)

3. Bronze HITHI (plaque and 100 €)


Topic 2

1. Golden HiTHi (certificate)

2. Silver HiTHI (certificate)

3. Bronze HITHI (certificate)

5 special prize are awarded for each tobic


– The winner of the “Therre Murrizi” medal is selected by the HITHI Kosova Cartoon Association! worth 300 €



12 July 2024


Address for sending artworks:

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