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Weekly Single Page of Cartoonmag / No 7


NO:7 , Saturday, 08 June 2024

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The Economic Destination

Abbas Naaseri / The story is clear

The field of cartoons also needs economic prosperity to survive, an economy called the "Art Economy". Cartooning is considered a 24-hour occupation for the artist, and the continuity of this art depends on integrating cartoons into the art economy.

Press cartoons, which are used to generate income for artists, have diminished, and advertising campaigns addressing cultural, political, and social issues that were prominent in the world have declined due to economic conditions.

The purchase of art pieces is carried out by a limited number of institutions, organizations, financial-commercial companies, and a few art collectors, among whom some institutions have entered this market with a supportive perspective. At times, companies have entered for tax coverage and money laundering purposes, and of course, none of them have any interest in buying cartoon works. It can be said that due to buyers' inclination towards colorful and glossy works such as paintings tableaus or those seen and successful in festivals, cartoon artists have been moving their work from simplicity towards color and glaze for years.

It seems that the art economy in cartooning is dedicated to creating works in an "NFT" form and offering them in global markets, and there is no way around this. Considering the extensive market diversity and its buyers, it requires knowledge, experience, and, of course, effective advertising on Twitter and Instagram, continuous activity, and interaction with other artists and art collectors.

But for now, the only financial circulation in the world of cartoons are the festivals, which, due to global economic conditions, announce calls with fewer prizes each year or cease to exist, and will undoubtedly become emptier of good artists, and

it will be held with novices, amateurs, or old artists unfamiliar with modern mediums and traditionalists who are resistant to new methods and spaces.

Generally, art is not included in the people's shopping basket. As the economic conditions of global societies are becoming more severe, making life increasingly difficult and worrying about income more prevalent, there is no longer any place left for purchasing art pieces in people's lives, and artists have to do are forced into non-artistic occupations.

The time has come to find a way for the cartoon economy in the world through consultation.

My talk in this article is solely about a cartoon in the sense of conceptual work.


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