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= 14 May 2023 =

50th International Humor Exhibition Of Piracicaba/Brazil 2023






 -Professional and amateur artists, Brazilians and foreigners can apply unpublished and authorship artworks that were not awarded until the closing date for entries

-The works – all categories – can be sent by MAlL or ELECTRONIC (applications over the Internet on the official website, in the format and 300 DPI, JPEG, attached Images at once)

-The technique are free

-Digital works must contain the signature of the author

-Each artist may enter a maximum of 03 works per category

CARTOON (graphic humor with universal and timeless themes)

CHARGE (graphic humor with journalistic themes of now a days)

CARICATURE (graphic humor that expresses the physical and/or personality of a known celebrity)

SCULPTURE (art that expresses itself through the creation of plastic forms in volumes or reliefs, either through the modeling of malleable and/or moldable substances, or through the grinding of solids (as in toreutics and glyptics), or through the gathering of different materials and/or objects, in any technique, which address different characters or themes)

COMIC STRIPS/COMIC STORIES (graphic art in sequence

Caution: for comic stories will be accepted a maximum of 02 pages per work

-UNIMED HEALTH (for works that address the health theme) and Thematic (only for works that address the theme “50 Years: Midlife Crisis”, proposed by the organization

 -Uploaded files should be named as follows: artist name_country_catgegory_number.

Example: paulosilva_brazil_cartoon_01



The Awards are a total of R$ 82.500* (eighty-two thousand and five hundred reais)



23 June 2023


Address for sending artworks:

Upload works:Click Here


49º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba - Av. Dr. Maurice Allain, 454 - Caixa Postal 12 - CEP 13.405-123 Piracicaba- SP - Brasil IMPORTANT





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