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= 13 September 2022 =

8th International Caricature & Graphic Humor Competition NOTICARTUN  / COLOMBIA 2022



 A. Physiognomic caricatures:  Coriolano Leudo Obando (NO portraits)

 B. Graphic humor: "Artistic migration"



-Open to all professional cartoonists worldwide, preferably over 18 years of age

 (Works that are not related to this year's themes will not be accepted)-

-Each participant can present in the event a maximum of 1 work per theme but can only be awarded in one category and can participate with caricatures in black and white or color (analog or digital)

-The drawings sent will have a maximum size of 30 x 40 cms.  JPG, 300 dpi and when sending the file, please name the file in this way:

Capital letter, first letter of your first name, space, capital letter, first letter of your last name, space and in parentheses, the name of the country for which you have decided to participate.

Example: Participant Name (Country)-

-It is possible to participate with cartoons that have already been published or awarded previously (as long as the authors own the rights of the works)

-Participants must send a brief resume in word, contact information (name, surname, email, web or blog and country of origin of the participant) and a photograph or self caricature




1, 2, 3 Place + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma


Graphic Humor

1, 2, 3 Place + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma





02 October  2022 (11:59 pm, COLOMBIA time)


Address for sending artworks:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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