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=30 July  2021=

Winners of the International CARTOON COMPETITION ON FORCED LABOUR / France


Dear cartoonists,   Thank you to each of you for your unique contribution to raising awareness on forced labour by participating to the RHSF and ILO competition "What if your cartoon was a tool against forced labour?". You were more than 200 cartoonists from 65 countries to take on the challenge. In total, 460 cartoons were received, in very different styles, with very powerful messages, that challenge us and encourage reflection. Today we are pleased to announce the winners of the competition



1st Prize by the Jury: Vasco Gargalo (Portugal)

2nd Prize by the Jury: Javad Takjoo (Iran)

Cartooning for Peace’s pick: Eshonkulov Makhmudjon (Uzbekistan)

Public pick: Kaan Saatci (Turkey)


Thematic distinctions

 Special distinction for “Education”: Shahrokh Heidari (Iran)

 Special distinction for “Supply Chains”: Maarten Wolterink (Netherlands)

Special distinction for “Taking action”: Paresh Nath (India)


Special Mentions

Chris Rutayisire (Rwanda)

Suroglu Osman (Turkey)

Hira Kazmi (Pakistan)

Matías Tejeda (Argentina)

Pilar Parra (Spain)





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