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= 04 April  2021=

winners of International Cartoon Contest on Ecology and Global Warming "1.5 ° C" /RUSSIA 2021


600 cartoonists- 40 countries- 2000 works


First prize: Alireza Nosrati, Iran

Second prize: Grzegorz Szumowski, Poland

Third prize: Faldin Family (Svetlana Faldina, Anastasia Faldina, Alexandra Faldina, Alexander Faldin), Russia

theme prize: Weichi Liang, China “Global warming and ecocide”

theme prize: Mohammad Raei, Iran “Reasonable consumption and planet resources “

theme prize: Engin Selçuk, Turkey /“Garbage and industrial waste”

theme prize: Victor Skopintsev (Russia)/“Biological and natural diversity

Emil Idzikowski, Poland/Diploma of Honor

Grzegorz Szumowski, Poland/Diploma of Honor

Victor Velez, Mexico/Diploma of Honor

Alireza Pakdel, Iran/Diploma of Honor

Igor Paschenko, Russia /Diploma of Honor

Valentin Druzhinin, Russia/Diploma of Honor

Faddey Vinnikov, Russia/Award in the children’s category




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