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=03 September 2020=

Kartal international cartoon competition2020



Covid-19 Epidemics 



The competition is open to all amateur and professional illustrators


Each artist can participate in the competition with a maximum of 3 works


Technique is free for the participating works


The size of the cartoons should not exceed A3


The works to be sent should be at 300 dpi resolution


There will be participation in the competition with works made with black-white or color technique


However, the works must be original and signed


must send a photo and CV with their work



First Prize 1500 $

Second Prize 1000 $

Third Prize 750 $

Honorable Mention 4 x 400 $

Kartal Municipality Presidential Special Award

Our Cartoon Masters - Bedri Koraman Special Award

Jury Special Prize

Harvest Art Workshop Award

Special Prizes (6)



 05October 2020


Address for sending artworks:

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