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=18 June 2020=

PARTICIPANTS of The 6th International Cartoon Exhibition Competition-2020, Ferizaj/Kosovo



A) Covid 19

B) Free

A total of 335 artists from 53 countries applied and brought 1630 works.

Females are 77 or 21.7%, males 278 or 78.3%, of whom 47 or 13.2% are eighteen and 308 or 86.8% are over eighteen.

We welcome you to the opening on July 4 at the Art Gallery in Ferizaj at 18.00!

I hope that the exhibition of cartoons on the Covid-19 virus will serve to raise awareness and not to spread collective infection!

(The date may be postponed only if a decision is taken by higher institutions to ban people from gathering in groups)

June 16, 2020, Ferizaj Imri Musliu, Executive Director of SH.K. Heath-Ferizaj


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