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The first exhibition of "Caricaturist stars of the World" in Iran


Arash Foroughi and Alireza Pakdel present
The first exhibition of "Caricaturist stars of the World" in Iran

‏In this unique exhibition, which we are witnessing for the first time in Caricature section, twenty of the greatest cartoonists in the world ,present together a selection of their best art works as an exhibition. The exhibition was sponsored and organized by Arash Foroughi and Alireza Pakdel, Two of the most prominent artists in Iran who invited these caricaturist stars to hold this exhibition and for the first time in Iran, we will witnessed the presence for the original art works of the most greatest caricaturists all over the world . The subject of art works of this exhibition are free, so we will see the variety of caricatures of political, artistic, Social and .... This group exhibition can be considered the largest international event in the caricature of Iran's caricature section in recent years, and every body who is interested in the works of these artists will have the opportunity to see the works of these great arts and the authors at this exhibition. Artists who participated in this event are from Iran, America, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, and Lebanon.
‏The names’ list of the artists who participated in the exhibition :
Arash Foroughi/IRAN
Alireza Pakdel/IRAN
Jan Op De Beeck/BELGIUM
Achille Superbi/ITALY
Jason Seiler/USA
Olle Magnusson/SWEDEN
Omar Figuera Turcios/SPAIN
Ernesto Priego/SPAIN
Eduardo Bapristao/BRAZIL
Luiz Carlos Fernandes/BRAZIL
Cau Gomez/BRAZIL
Leonardo Rudrigoez/SPAIN
Antonio Antunes/PORTUGAL
Angel Boligan/MEXICO
Sebastian Cast/ARGENTINA
Bruno Tesse/FRANCE
Shankar Pamarthy/INDIA
Albeniz Rodriguez/ITALY
Andre Bethlem/BRAZIL
Hamed Kabbara/LEBANON
Ulisses Araujo/BRAZIL
‏Part (1): Khorramabad / Iran /September 2018


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