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2nd International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest-2018, Turkey



alcohol, drugs, tobacco and technology addictions


 Psychological problems caused by addictions
  Physical problems caused by addictions
Mental problems caused by addictions
Addictions and child relationships
Problems that addictions can cause between parents
Problems that addictions may cause within the family
Addictions and family communication
Turning to different alternatives to avoid addictions (sports, art, hobbies)
To try different alternatives to avoid addictions
Addictions and role model
Excessive, uncontrolled and unconscious use of technology
Possibility of conscious and active usage of technology



Up to 3 works can be sent, published works may be participated in, provided that they are not awarded

 -SIZE: A4 or A3

 -TECHNIQUE: Black and white or color / 300 dpi

LANGUAGE: Turkish or English (text will be used if necessary, but not visual / verbal)



Big prize of contest. Also a plaque will be given as a prize: 3000$

Success prizes of contest for five cartoonists. Also a plaque will be given as a prize: 500 $ ( 5 people )



 12February 2018


Address for sending artworks:

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