today : Monday, 23 July 2018
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Amasya Municipality the 9th International Cartoon Drawing Contest






- This competition is organized national and internationally and is open for all amateur and professional cartoon artists

-The caricatures that include insult,harmful expressions and violence and serve political purposes will not be accepted and will be eliminated

- Selected council members and their first-degree relatives may not participate in this competition

-This is freehand drawing technique. If you wish to do your drawing on a computer please take a print out. Make sure your original signature is hand signed on your paper

-The sizes should be at least A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) and no wider than A3 (29.7 x 42 cm). The drawing paper should not be stuck to any surfaces

-The cartoon drawing you send should not have won a price in any other competition before. If the council members suspect anything about the drawing it will not be taken into consideration. If there are any arguments about stolen ideas or drawings the competing person will be held responsible

- Competitors including the credentials with caricature (Annex-1) will talk about the form and brief curriculum vitae ( Annex-2) should be sent by filling out the form

- Each competitor can send up to 5 different drawings

- Behind every piece of cartoon drawing should be written information about oneself (Name, surname, address, TC ID number, and e-mail address).Those that fail to do so will not be able to compete

-Those participating under the age of 18 will receive prices for encouragement. Our young friends who wish to participate should also put a photocopy of their ID in the envelope

The works you submit in should only be sent to the address specified below

 - On the front side of your envelope you must right “Amasya Municipality 9 th International Caricature Competition’’ and your name and surname. No participation will be accepted if your work doesn’t reach the given address by 10st of April, 2018

 - Caricatures can be delivered either address in the contact section of the terms of Amasya Municipality or mail report to be sent as money hand by courier

 -Your cartoon drawing should not be folded or damaged in any way. As long as the rules are followed you may send in your work with cargo or bring it in yourself



First place            : 5.000 TL

Second place      : 3.500 TL

Third place          : 2.500 TL

Honorable mention( for 3 participants)            :1000 TL

Honorable mention for between the age of 15 – 18 (for 3 participants)         : 750 TL

Honorable mention for between the age of 9 - 14(for 3 participants)             : 500 TL



 10April 2018


Address for sending artworks:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amasya Belediyesi Kültür ve Sosyal İşler Müdürlüğü

                   55 Evler Mah.Mehmet Varinli Cad.Amasya Belediyesi Kültür

                     Merkezi Binası No:95-101

     05100 / AMASYA


Tel               : 0 358 212 01 27 (External Line)

Central           : 0 358 212 01 28 Interior: 314



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